TU Dresden

TUDThe Institute for Applied Computer Science (IAI) of the Faculty of Computer Science in the Technical University of Dresden (TUD) has about 50 researchers working in the areas of manufacturing and control  (advanced  process  control,  virtual  sensors  and  control), diagnosis (monitoring, fault detection, test and diagnosis), real time analytics  (process  modelling,  predictive  maintenance),  remote  maintenance (tele-service, troubleshooting),  automatic  system  design,  and  wireless  and  wired sensor-actuator-networks  in  the domains  of  building  automation,  semiconductor  industry and industrial  automation. TUD is well established in related research communities like IEEE Industrial Informatics, VDI, VDE, LonMark Germany  and  organises  lead conferences like IEEE WFCS 2008. It works  in  national and international standardization groups like VDI 3813 and CEN TC247 WG4.