Sense&React  defines 4 distinct and complementary S&T objectives. These are defined in a way to allow the individual development of the enabling key technologies throughout the duration of the project, while considering the integration aspects and demonstration aspects.

  • Factory  wide  sensing  and  ICT  infrastructure:   Sense&React  develops  a  seamless  end-to-end infrastructure,  from  sensing  data  from  the  manufacturing  environment,  subsequent  real  time  data acquisition and management to information visualization onto display devices such as mobile devices, large  screen  and  industrial  touch  screens.   The  development  of  such  ICT  and  sensing  architecture considers  safety and energy consumption aspects. Safety  is planned to  be addressed by providing the ability  to  detect  unsafe  conditions  for  the  personnel  (especially  shop-floor  operators)  and  energy efficiency  by  reducing  energy  consumption  (e.g.  automatically  shut-off  auxiliary  equipment  when personnel leave area).
  • Intelligent  management  of  manufacturing  information  in  real-time:   Sense&React  is  planned  to develop  new  methods  and  techniques  for  intelligent  utilization  of  manufacturing  information  coming from  different  types  of  sources  (sensor  networks  and  Manufacturing  Execution  Systems)  in  order  to achieve  real-time  optimization,  better  scheduling  and  efficient  dispatching  of tasks,  which  will  enable energy-aware  and  agile  manufacturing.    In  addition to  better  utilization of information,  Sense&React intends to  develop new information structures and information flow approaches that  take into care the cognitive load of the personnel and will optimise the amount of information presented to the personnel.
  • User interfaces in shop-floor environments:  Sense&React targets at better presentation of the available information to the plant personnel. In many situations in today’s manufacturing, important information reach plant personnel too late, are lost, or are not properly provided.  Sense&React aims at avoiding such problems by providing the plant personnel only with the type and amount of information that is relevant for the role the personnel are playing in manufacturing.
  • Real-time  optimization  of  process  planning  and  scheduling:   Sense&React  develops  and  applies factory-wide optimization methods  for  utilizing  real-time data, such as personnel or part location data from  the  sensors  network,  to  modify  production  scheduling  parameters  targeting  mainly  at  human operations. Fast and efficient reallocation of plant personnel at any point of time may lead to a smooth adaptation in case of unexpected or unpredictable events, such as the introduction of extra orders in the line, the change of product sequence, or failures. Moreover,  Sense&React  scheduling and dispatching optimization methods will take into account dynamic parameters related to human performance (such as fatigue, stress and repeatability) and cognitive capabilities.