EmphasisEmphasis Telematics  has been a key player in the development of telematics  solutions  for  the  Greek  market  since  1995.   The firm applies state-of-the-art technologies in the design, development and market promotion of innovative telemetry and telematics solutions. Market  activities  cover  a  broad  range  of  solutions  applied  to  telemetry,  asset  management,  remote inventory and production process applications. Vertical market activity develops dedicated solutions for specific client’s requirements in the petroleum, cement and manufacturing industries. Operations focus on marketing and solutions development, while strategic partnerships and alliances are created to  outsource  production,  solution  deployment  and  sales.   Emphasis  Telematics  technological background  includes  Embedded  Electronics  design,  Software  development,  RFID  integration, Location based information Systems and Data communications. The company staff includes 19 highskilled  engineers.   Emphasis  Telematics  applications  are  installed  in  more  than  600  corporate organizations over Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.