ENPESTALEIROS  NAVAIS  DE  PENICHE,  S.  A.,  (ENP),  is  a  SME, privately owned shipyard. It has been established in 1993 by a group of ship  owners  and  naval  constructors  /  repairers  of  Peniche,  under  the leadership  of  Pescagest,  S.A.,  a  main  local  fishing  company. The objective  of  its  constitution  was  the  candidacy  to  the  concession  of  infrastructures  destined  to  the inserted  construction  and  naval  repairing  in  the  new  fishing  harbour.   The  potentialities  of  ENP comprise naval construction and due to the shipyard’s characteristics to the integrated development of complementary  activities.   It  is  today  the  Portuguese  shipyard  better  equipped  for  the  naval intervention in the range of small and medium boats, with the additional advantage of a reply capacity that  includes  simultaneously  steel,  composites  and  aluminium,  both  for  construction  and for repair works.   The  shipyard’s  technical  staff  is  composed  by  12  persons  (6  naval  architects, 4 marine engineers  and  2  mechanical  engineers),  80  directly  productive  personnel  and  24  non-directly productive personnel. ENP bestirs in composite structures construction and repairs, vacuum assisted infusion  laminating  processes.   A  Classification  Society  often  verifies  and  certifies the welds performed and quality control tools such as X-ray photographs are  used according to Classification Societies’ requirements.